Other Services

Seminar Attendance & Follow-up
This includes building a database of good quality contacts specifically targeted for a seminar or meeting & cold-calling to get the best possible attendance. After the seminar many attendees are often left to go cold - a suitable courtesy call can clarify interest and progress a sale  

Tradeshow Lead Qualification
After any show or exhibition salespeople return with pocketfuls of business cards. Very often these are left in desk draws and forgotten while they catch up on any other business and events which occurred during their absence. A speedy call to these leads after the exhibition can result in many warm prospects and certainly avoid losing potential business and wasting all the cost and   effort of attending an exhibition

Customer Profiling & Market Intelligence
Timing is very important in the sales process and knowing when a company will be reviewing and planning new projects is key. In addition, for large corporates understanding the structure and who is key in the decision-making process is   vital

Database Cleaning & Building
In a year 23% of data will become outdated or redundant. Job changes are increasing every year and business databases quickly become useless unless data is cleaned and validated

Cold Call Training
Help for your salespeople to improve their skills and waylay their fears at getting through to the correct contact  


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